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This class is required and runs concomitantly with BArch Studio 2 and Interiors Studio 2. This class emphasizes architectural communication, representation and design methodology through the use of visualization techniques with a focus on graphic representation, 2D drawing, 3D modeling, and graphic design for portfolio development. Students will be introduced to 3D digital media concepts and techniques with a focus on the fundamental aspects of the computer aided design and digital fabrication processes. Framed by a general introduction to digital media theory, students will gain fluency in a variety of software applications for the purpose of developing technical and visual proficiencies to be integrated into the architectural and interior design process.


getting to work

Lecture 0: Use Cases & WorkflowEdit

Lecture 0 focused on general use cases of digital software and possible workflows in the architectural design process.

Tutorial 1: Topographic Plans & Surface ModelingEdit

Tutorial 1 introduced the AutoCAD and Rhino interfaces, and demonstrated techniques for creating topographic plans and associated 3D surfaces.

Exercise #1Edit

Setup. Reference. Scale. Draw. Plot. Export. Setup. Reference. Copy. Translate. Draw. Print.

This in-class assignment is due January 29th, 2013 at 11 am.

File:SP2013 VDM2TT2 Exercises1.pdfEdit